At Close of Business: Grace, and Plastic Memories 13

2 thoughts on “At Close of Business: Grace, and Plastic Memories 13”

  1. Great writeup. Since episode 1, I have been hoping Plastic Memories would be fulfilling its initial promise of covering death and how it affects the people who experience it at both ends, considering how well the first episode did exactly that. This episode, though I had to wait a whole season for it, fulfilled that promise, and you are right when you say “the continued ~~anime~~ romcom shenanigans were highly appropriate – they were a marker of more normal day”; I don’t know if this would have been much less effective for me without that, but I know for a fact this episode wouldn’t have gotten such an emotional response from me had I not spent a few months with these characters casually.

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    1. There was a lot of worry that Plastic Memories would resort to cheap drama via external threats (remember the black market Giftia retrievers?), so I am extremely glad that it went for the logically sensible and bitter-sweet ending that was in line with its premise.

      And yeah, I totally see the polarizing nature of the humor (PlaMemo had a lot of issues with mood whiplash, almost to the degree that KimiUso did last season,) but I think it really WOULD have been less effective for me if it didn’t have as much comedy.


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