Avatars, Mehndi, & Other Delusions

5 thoughts on “Avatars, Mehndi, & Other Delusions”

  1. Man, your prose is so strong. “Says something about you.” That was a superb line.

    Anyways, this is a cool piece of self-revelation. I like you, so I like know it. I just wish you’d keep your display name the same at least when you change avatars lol.

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    1. BUT THEN WHERE ELSE WILL I GET TO USE JOKES LIKE “UpAllNighToGetSpooky” OR “UpAllNighToCatchSanta” OR “Garlock & Chill” OR “Zapp’s Footstool”???

      And thank you! That said, how does one learn to evaluate prose, or learn to develop their own? I kind of want to know what little things I can do to improve.


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